Re-Connecting to Each Other

Allowing you and your projects to fly

Individual and Group Mentorship

Youth Mentoring, Mentorship in Survival Skills, Organizational Mentoring Set up an ongoing or one-time opportunity for Baruch to engage directly with you, your family, or your community. He can help guide individuals, families, organizations or communities further in reconnecting with oneself, each other, and the Earth. Bring him along for a journey, or meet once a month for rewilding! He will love to work with any age, simply contact to discuss a custom plan for your needs.

Suggested donation: $30-$200/hr (Trades invited; No one turned away!)


Wilderness Guide

Wilderness Guide for all occasions, learn from the depths of nature, not just what you can seeCanoeing, hiking, skiing, and more. Allow Baruch to help facilitate and enrich your journey into the wilderness for groups and individuals of all ages, anywhere.

Suggested donation: Varies widely based on involvement $0-$1000/day (Trades invited; No one turned away!)



Holistic, Mission-based Organizational Consulting (Organizational Mentorship)

SpeakingWith a Master’s Degree and years of experience in non-profit management, he is available to help advise organizations (synagogues, non-profits, and more) in navigating transitions.

He can help:

  • Tap into communities young and old to help you grow, especially Jewish communities
  • Navigate transitions, conflicts and challenges with ease
  • Organize leadership and group structures for more equitability and collaborative potential
  • Boost moral and effectiveness with simple, inexpensive and creative solutions

Suggested donation: $100-$300/hr (Trades invited; No one turned away!)